Staying Healthy During Your Travels

Here are a few tips travel experts offer to help travelers stay healthy, especially during “flu season”.

First, during flu season, health experts advise you to get the flu shot.   If you don’t have time to see a doctor, stop by your local pharmacy because most of them offer the seasonal flu shots.

Plan on a good night’s sleep before you travel.   Also try to eat healthy foods and get some exercise during your travels.  Experts say lack of sleep and the stress of travel contribute more to getting sick than that icky airplane air.

Wash your hands…a lot!  It’s a good idea to carry sanitary wipes that can be used to wipe down your airplane armrests and tray table.  At the hotel, wipe down the telephone, the TV remove control and other germy surfaces.

Wear a mask if your immune system is weak.  Many people think masks are ineffective; but I would rather take that precaution and maybe look a little foolish than get the flu or other nasty virus.

While it’s a good idea to stay hydrated, you may want to carefully consider what you drink on an airplane.  Five years, the EPA tested the tap water served to airline passengers and the water on nearly 20 percent of airplanes tested fell below EPA standards and had unacceptable, and in some cases dangerous, levels of bacteria.  Try to take bottled water on board with you if at all possible.

Take your vitamins.  Many travelers use Emergen-C, which is a powerful powder that’s packed with Vitamin C and bioflavonoids.  You can mix it with water, but just remember not to use the airplane variety.

Hopefully, following these few tips will help you to stay well and healthy so you can enjoy your destination instead of being confined to your hotel room with an unwanted illness.

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