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Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise Vacations

Tahiti/South Pacific Cruise Vacations

Is there any group of islands in the world as romantic as the Society Islands? Or as beautiful, for that matter? Doubtful. They inspired a mutiny on the infamous Bounty. They captured the imagination of Paul Gauguin. They've been immortalized by some of the world's great writers from Herman Melville, Robert Louis Stevenson and James Michener to Somerset Maugham. These islands of the South Pacific evoke balmy days, sultry nights and the most gorgeous scenery imaginable.

You'll see panoramas that could only have been created by Nature in her finest hour. Here giant curls of turquoise break onto reefs that protect blue lagoons and white beaches. Jagged peaks crown emerald rain forests, while some islands appear barely to float above the breaking waves. But what truly distinguishes French Polynesia is the people . On our
South Pacific cruises, you'll see their love for these islands through music, dance and flowers. Their hospitality is legendary.

To find out more go to: Tahiti South Pacific Cruises.

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